Osmin Avalos is a Guatemalan Architect. He holds a B.Arch from Universidad del Istmo de Guatemala (UNIS) + Master in Advanced Architecture degree with specialization in Computational Design from IAAC, Barcelona. where he received the X-Urban Award for best Graduate thesis.

He currently practices in Guatemala City at Osmin Avalos Architecture as Founder / Project Designer on large, medium and small scale international projects mostly developing projects for America, Europe and Asia.

Prior founding Osmin Avalos Architecture, Osmin worked at award winning offices such as Tom Wiscombe Architecture (USA), Fernando Romero Enterprise (MX) and the Urban Sciences Lab (Barcelona)

His work has been exhibited in London, Barcelona, Sicily, Shanghai & Hong Kong.


2020 | Master in Advanced Architecture | Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia | Graduation with Distinction

2017 | Bachelor of Architecture | Universidad del Istmo de Guatemala

2015 | Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico | Exchange Student


2021 | Assistant Professor, Maestria en Ciudades, M.Arch Program, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Barcelona.

2021 | Tutor, Edible Landscapes workshop, M.Arch Program, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Barcelona.

2021 | Professor, Design Fundamentals, B.Arch Program, Universidad del Istmo de Guatemala

2021 | Assistant Professor, Material Behavior, B.Arch Program, Universidad del Istmo de Guatemala


2021 | Honorary Mention, “The Challange Puerto Roma”, Bogota, Colombia

2020 | Emerging Talent and Innovation, ON-A, Barcelona, Spain

2020 | X-Urban Design Award, IAAC Barcelona, Spain

2019 | Guatefuturo Scholarship-Loan Beneficiary 25K USD, MAA01- IAAC Barcelona, Spain

2017 | World Changing Ideas Award “Border City” As part of the Design Team of Fr-ee. Fast Company, New York, New York, USA

2017 | International Exchange Alumni Member, Washington, D.C. USA

2016 | Intern of The Season Prize, Fr-ee, Mexico City

2015 | Honorable Mention, “Airport of The Future”, Denver, Colorado, USA

2014 | Distinguished Participation, “IND-Hotel”,  Muncie, Indiana, USA

2014 | Finalist, “City Museum”, Guatemala City.

2012 – 2016 | Continuing Student Scholarship “Unis Scholarship”

2012, 2015 & 2016 | Academic Excellence Award, Guatemala City


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