How do architects design the future of the city of Barcelona? 

The proposal “Respira” acts in the Col.legi Ofical d’Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC) and its urban environment with a proposal committed to the renaturalization of urban space and turning the institutional headquarters into a living, energetic and green building.

We want to respond to the current paradigm shift with the union of agriculture and technology, health and production, returning the transformative value that architecture has to society.

Team: Ros+Falguera Arquitectura and Osmin Avalos Architecture are two professional practices that collaborate to design the future of sustainable urban public space. Their proposals raise awareness about the need for natural spaces in the city and investigate biomaterials and new technologies aimed at overcoming the formal limits of architecture.

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For more, follow Arquitectes repensen la Barcelona del futur en una exposició Eva Franch i a Josep Maria Montaner Talking about “Respira” (check minute 11:20)


Ros+Falguera Arquitectura + Osmin Avalos Architecture


Pablo Ros, Jaume Falguera, Osmin avalos


MODEL. Festival d’Arquitectures de Barcelona